Sunday, September 6, 2015

Half a House Tour: Part 1

Today I thought it would be a good idea to post some photos of the status of my home.  Partly so I can remember what it looked like so I can feel accomplished when I start making progress on my never-ending project list, and partly as a swift kick in the ass to get me motivated on said project list. I figured an entire house tour would be a little overwhelming (mostly for me, because I'm not sure I can focus that much on the chaos that is my home).

So, here goes.  Welcome to Casa de Us!

Today we're going to focus on what you see if you come in the front door and go to the right.

When you walk in the front door, we carved out a small entryway that is currently occupied with the Hemnes shoe cabinet from IKEA.

The top has become this catch-all for dropping everything out of our pockets when we come in the door.  Shoes that don't fit in the cabinet are lined up against that wall to the right of the cabinet, as are a random empty box and some carpet cleaner.  Those peppermint puffs are one of my all time favorites (and I got them on sale at CVS - 2/$6!!!).  The bag is my diaper bag that I carry when we have the Kidlets.  It's from N. Gil and I love it.  I got it from a store at Columbiana Centre down in Columbia, SC, but if you're not local you can find them online.  They come in a ton of adorable patterns and include a changing pad and a little cosmetics-style case.  There's a ton of people on etsy that sell them and monogram them, too!

Anyway, moving on!

From the doorway, you can see the door to the second/guest/kids' bathroom.  Clearly, it's the one with the giant pack of toilet paper sitting in the doorway.

Try not to be jealous of the awesome real-life state of my bathroom here, folks.  #nofilter #wishIhadafiltertomakeitprettier  We replaced the toilet that was there with this slightly taller toilet (trust me when I say it had to be done), and almost immediately replaced the lid with a soft close lid.  With two boys, the soft close lid is such a lifesaver.  The Bolman step-stool is another IKEA find, and is great for the kidlets to stand on and wash hands and brush teeth.  

The vanity is still very much builder-grade modular home basic, plastic sink and all.  The toilet paper has to sit on the counter because the roll holder is missing.  I have a new roll holder to replace it with, I just haven't done it yet. You can actually see part of it sitting on top of the toilet in the previous picture, inside to roll of painter's tape.  #weirdbuttrue  I haven't cleaned out under the vanity yet, because I can't decide if I want to re-paint the existing vanity or replace it entirely.  Home Depot has vanities like this and this.  They'll fit in the small space nicely, and it's an upgrade over the plastic sink.

Believe it or not, I have cleaned this beauty.  More than once.  The tub faucet leaks and we have some pretty gnarly hard water, leaving behind this result.  Because of the leaking, no one uses this tub though.  I promise.  There is also the original toilet seat lid from the new toilet.  I've been collecting a bunch of stuff to take it out to ReStore, and this is on the list.  I've been lining this tub with plastic sheets and using it to spray paint things when it's raining out and the kids aren't here.  For now, it's working like a charm!  But soon enough, we're going to replace that faucet and the shower head and scrub and repaint the tub and get the whole thing working so the kids (and guests) have a fully functioning - but tiny - bathroom.

Exiting the bathroom and entering through door #2.  Hold on to your hats people, because this one is a beauty.  

This is clearly our storage room.  It's terrible.  I leave the door shut.  If there's something I need, I run in and find it, then run out and close the door behind me.  I try not to think about it.

Buried under that comforter and other various boxes is the Besta Burs desk in white.  It's eventually going to get moved out of here and on the the wall in the living room to the left of the bathroom door.  The next time we have a nice day, I'm hoping to take the legs off of the desk and spray paint them gold.  I already did that with the Skruvsta chair, and my eventual plan is to order a cute aqua cover from Bemz to break up all of the white.

The giant CRT TV was a gift from a friend for the kids' room, but as much as we wanted to be able to use it, it was just way too big to fit in their room.  The Alex drawer unit you see in the back there is supposed to be a part of my vanity desk that belongs in my bedroom, but has not made it in there yet. Everything else needs to find a home, and just hasn't yet.

The worst part is that when I go in there now, I'm just starting to toss stuff on the floor.  This room is not my #1 priority to finish, but I really need to get everything in here under control.

The best part about this room is that is has this fairly decent sized closet that is all but empty.  My parents came to stay with us for a week, and when that happened I had all of the totes in the closet.  I honestly don't know what has happened since then.  It's like the closet door is a forcefield.  #nothingshallpass

And now, the final room on today's tour!  This is my priority #1 room to get finished.

Walking in to the kidlet's room, their pillow case hamper is on the mini-wall.  I built this less than two weeks ago from plans I found on  I'll write a post on it soon!  The paint is peeling off of all of the walls in this room.  The walls in our modular home are this weird shiny finish, and the  paint was latex paint.  The walls in this room weren't primed prior to painting, so the paint has to be peeled off of all of the walls, then I can clean, prime and paint.  The hamper will be moved in to the closet as soon as I make some room in there.

On the other side of the mini-wall is the closet, which is pretty tiny and still carpeted in the original sketchy carpeting that was there when Deputy Dad bought this place.  Right now it stores games that only get played when Deputy Dad or I pull them down (to minimize the loss of game pieces), the giant box of wipes we got from Costco, the comforter that will eventually go on the Little's bed, and our Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller.  (Love this thing!  It's so convenient, easy to steer, and all three kids enjoy it).

Between the closet door and the beds is the little toy shelf and bins we have for the kids.  The right side hold all of their books, many of which were the books I had when I was a kid.  Others are ones we have picked up along the way at stores like Costco, or were birthday gifts.  Sometimes, if the kids are being particularly good we will go to Target and each kid gets to pick out a new toy as we try to build their toy collection (without letting it get out of control) at our house.

The bunk beds are where the boys sleep.  I also built these from plans on, and have the best of intentions to finish painting them some day soon.  The boys LOVE these things, and they take turns with who gets to sleep on the top bunk, since that's clearly where everyone wants to sleep.

This wall is where the Little's bed will go once we get it built.  Right now, she sleeps on her mattress or on the bottom bunk, whichever she feels like that night.  Please ignore the stove.  We got a new one delivered yesterday, and I need to get this one put up on Craigslist.  The TV just got installed for them last weekend, with the rule that they have to take turns picking shows that they want to watch, and Deputy Dad and I set a sleep timer and take the remote out at night.  

So, that's the current status of the right side of my house, along with two sneak peaks at some recently built projects that will be blogged about soon!

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