Sunday, May 22, 2016

Easy Personalized Time Out Chair

If you're sent to time out and you get to sit in a cute chair, does time out lose its effectiveness?  I saw this idea online and thought it would be a good idea to get a designated time out spot for the kidlets.  We don't use time out as a first resort, but if one of the kids gets warned twice for a specific behavior in one day (normally being disrespectful to each other) they are sent to time out to think about their behavior.

When we lived in our apartment, time out was in the corner near the bathroom by the air filter vent.  Once we moved to the house, time out got a little trickier.  We didn't want it in the living room or in the kids' room because there were too many temptations and for us, time out is intended to be a break from everything and everyone.  We couldn't use the third bedroom because it's a mess of storage.  The kitchen is fairly open but it's an awkward place to have time out because if I need to be making lunch or dinner or something I prefer to keep the kitchen kid-free.

We've been using our closet for time out since we moved in.  It's convenient in that it's isolated from the rest of the house and there is nothing of temptation in there for the kids to get distracted by.  However, as I've previously shared, I'm slowly working towards having our master suite as an adults only retreat.  Before I slap the "No Kids Allowed" sign on the door though, I have to transition them out of the space.  The other problem with the closet time-out is that we may have forgotten a child in there a time or two.  10 minute time outs have accidentally happened a time or two. 

This little Mammut chair from Ikea was an inexpensive solution to our problems.  It gave us a designated space for time out, but when the kids aren't with us or I need to get back in by the laundry, I can easily move the chair out of the way.  It's nice and light, meaning moving it out of the way is easy breezy. 

I seriously adore purchasing furniture from Ikea.  I know a lot of people dread the assembly, but I find it incredibly soothing.  If I could start an Ikea assembly business, I totally would.  For the bigger pieces I couldn't do it without an electric screwdriver, but snapping together this piece literally took all of two minutes.

The chair legs have this little raised line that needs to line up with the arrows on the bottom of the chair.  They just snap it with a small amount of force.

Then align the groove of the cap with the groove of the leg and snap in.  The manual suggests using a hammer to make sure they're fully connected.  I'm not a small girl and I'm lazy and didn't grab a mallet beforehand, so I just flipped it over and sat on it.  #NecessityIsTheMotherOfInvention

Then snap the back of the chair on to the base, still just lining up the grooves.  I love when Ikea makes things stupid simple.  That way, even I can't mess it up!

Two minutes later, and I was rocking an adorable fully assembled chair.  We don't have a lot of green in our kitchen decor, so I tossed around the idea of spray painting this chair for all of about 30 seconds.  But again, I'm lazy.  And the oldest kidlet, D, loves green.  So, green it stayed.  

I wanted to make the chair a little cuter and a little bit more of a clearly designated time out spot, so I opened up Silhouette Studio and played around with the rhymes I'd seen on other chairs until I found something that worked for us.  I liked the boy- and girl-specific rhymes like boys will be boys, but we have two boys and a girl, and I so wasn't down for  making gender-specific time out chairs, so I went for neutral.  I played around with the fonts and settled on Arial and Celebration Time

Once I had the wording down, I created a mockup with the dimensions of the chair in Studio and figured out exactly where to place my words and how they would fit on the chair.  The circle is the space for the timer that will be attached to the chair, so the kids know exactly when timeout is over.  We follow the one minute per year of age for timeout.

I split up the words because I wanted the Celebration Time font to be in a navy blue and the Arial to be silver.  I set my canvas size to 9" wide because I was using the Silhouette vinyl for this project.  To be honest, the Silhouette brand stuff isn't my favorite, but I bought a *ton* a couple of years ago during a Black Friday sale before I realized there were other options available, and I've been slowly working away at diminishing that stock ever since.

Once I had everything cut and weeded, I stuck it on transfer tape and lined everything up on the chair to make sure it was going to work out exactly like I planned before burnishing everything down really well. That random piece of transfer tape is the timer placeholder. 

And here's how the layout worked on the bottom of the chair.  I tested this one without even taking the backing off of the vinyl because I got really nervous that it wasn't going to fit the way I wanted.  I should have had more faith in myself, because it worked out just as a I planned!  Yes, I realize the "r" in your is missing.  I didn't realize it until after I applied the vinyl.  However, I did find the missing "s" in sass before I threw out the stuff I had weeded, so I'm counting that as a win.

Seriously, how cute did this turn out?!  When the kids came home from school on Monday, they loved it.  There was actually a small battle over who got to "test it out" first.  That's when I realized a fun, cute timeout chair was probably not the greatest idea I've ever had. Deputy Dad then had a conversation with them about how the chair is not a fun thing or a toy, but rather where we go when we've been naughty to think about our actions and their consequences.  

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect timer to attach to the chair.  I want something that isn't going to be easy for them to figure out and "adjust" how long their time outs are, but I also don't want to pay an arm and a leg.  I'm leaning towards this one from my beloved Amazon.  It's a little more than I really want to spend on a timer though, so I'm still keeping my options open.  I'll update y'all when I find the timer I ultimately want to use.  For now, we just plan on sticking with setting a timer on our phones and rocking that solution until I find what I want.  

Just look how perfectly it fits over in this corner!

After the first day, the novelty of the time out chair wore off and the kids were more accepting of it for what it was rather than as a fun new toy.  This door stays locked and dead bolted right now because it's a pretty significant drop off and as of right now there aren't any stairs back there.  We're planning on putting in stairs this summer, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it and figure out where to put the chair then.

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  1. Having a hard time affixing a timer to the chair. Any suggestions?