Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Product Review: Best Damn Lip Mask

I have an obsession with makeup.  It's probably an unhealthy obsession but I figure it's better than some kind of illegal addiction so you know, baby steps.  Unfortunately, it's probably about as expensive of an addiction as something illegal but hey, a vice is a vice.  I spend some quality time each  night watching people do extraordinary things with cosmetics.  One of my all-time favorite beauty vloggers is Nicole Guerriero.  When she announced the launch of her beauty brand, Best Damn Beauty, I was intrigued.  

I've been trying really hard to use up the products I have rather than buying new things, but I've also been on the hunt for an awesome lip balm/mask/hydrator.  I found a coupon code online that Nic had made available and decided now was the time to give it a shot.  Don't worry, I paid my own money for this product.  Neither Best Damn Beauty nor Nicole Guerriero has any idea who little old me is.  Unfortunately.  But Nicole, if you ever see this, I'm a good friend!  I swear!!! Lol.

I mean, how can you not be excited to open up a beautiful package like this??  I'm a sucker for packaging.  Cute packing for the packaging is like the ultimate awesomeness!

Seriously!!  Talk about going the extra mile.  This little bag that the Lip Mask came in is so freaking adorable.  I'm setting this aside to use later down the road.  It's so cute!  And it's gold!  I used to hate gold.  But now I'm totally digging it.  Not to wear - but for accents and home decor I'm completely in love.

My order also came with a little thank you card, a sample of Million Dollar Tan's Cabana Tan Extreme for Face (which I'll give to a friend since I embrace my paleness and wear it with pride) and some social media sharing tips.  

The product packaging is just as adorable as all of the external packaging.  It's a metallic gold cap and black pot.  I'm guessing the packaging got changed at some point since the product launch, since I've seen pictures on Instagram where it was a clear pot with a black label.  I love the black with the gold though - so sleek!

You get .5 ounces of product.  The price on the website is $26.00USD, but a quick Google search got me a 20% off coupon code.  The code I used was THANKYOU; give it a try, it might still be available!  The instructions on the jar are "To Use:  Apply to lips daily.  Lips will be noticeably smoother, hydrated, and lustrous. Slather on nightly after cleansing for an intense lip treatment."

Ingredients include lanolin, olive leaf, jojoba oil, castor seed oil, and shea butter.  I love that I can actually pronounce the ingredients in this lip mask.  I also love that it doesn't use coconut oil.  I have an allergy to coconut that causes rash, itching, and hives among other unpleasant symptoms so the current trend of including coconut oil in everything is really putting a cramp in my style.  It's significantly worse when I eat coconut as opposed to using it as a topical treatment, but since you do actually eat the majority of lip products you put on, it was nice that this was a product I can actually try.

The pink tint of the mask is beautiful.  It's not a truly pigmented color like it might appear, but it's a gorgeous pale pink wash that helps give a "your lips but better" color.  For me it just warms up my natural lip color a little bit and gives me a really pretty flushed lip look.  The Best Damn Lip Mask has a rose scent to it.  I was initially really hesitant when I read about this, because I am normally not a fan of floral scents.  I prefer clean scents (shea butter, almond oil, and Philosophy Living Grace are my favorites).  I don't know if my palette is changing or what, but I really love the scent of this mask.  It's a very noticeable scent but it's not overwhelming.  It's floral but it's also very fresh and clean.

I've used this for about a week prior to writing this post, and I'm absolutely in love.  It's super rich and moisturizing but it doesn't feel too thick or sticky on the lips.  I can slather on about as much as shown in the below photo during the day and it keeps my lips super hydrated.  I love the pink sheen it adds, too.  It's perfect for my daily look - you know, messy bun, leggings, and no other makeup to speak of.  It also looks beautiful with a no-makeup look, too.  I use about double this amount at night, and when I wake up in the morning my lips are still soft!  I haven't had any of my previous issues with dryness or cracking and it's been amazing.  My liquid lipsticks and other lip colors have been going on so much better, too.  It's seriously a miracle product! I'm completely in love.

Pro Tip:  This product WILL melt in high temperatures, meaning it isn't really something you can toss in your purse or leave in the car or anything like that.  If you order it and it's warm out, don't open it by tilting it sideways.  It will spill everywhere, and if you have dogs they may or may not lick it off of the side of the couch.  #DontAskMeHowIKnow

But if you're on the fence or thinking about ordering Best Damn Beauty's Best Damn Lip Mask, pull the trigger!  Make the leap!  I'm really wanting to try the brand's Best Damn Facial Mask and the Best Damn Beauty Oil.  When I finally finish up the moisturizer I've been using, I'm going to give them a try.  I can't wait!!!!!

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