Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Replacing an Outdated Tub Faucet: The Reveal

Remember during my house tour (the first half) when I shared that nasty photo of the second bathroom in our house?  When we moved in we bleached everything down and replaced the old round toilet that seemed to sit really low to the ground.  We also installed a toilet paper roll holder (is that the real name of those? It seems like a really long name!) on the side of the vanity.  That is definitely one of those things that you never really realize how convenient it is until it's gone!!

The bathroom sat in this halfway useable state for longer than I care to admit. I shared that this shower was acting as a temporary spray paint shelter and as storage for some things that needed to be taken off to the local recycling center.  In the meantime, all 5 of us were sharing the shower in our master bedroom.  Theoretically that's not a big deal, especially since up until the middle of December we only had the kids every other weekend.  But I like having my own space, especially in the bathroom.  I like having our master suite as our retreat, and not having it as a space that we share with the children.  Maybe that's selfish, but I am an only child, so...

We got married in our backyard and had a small barbecue attended by about two dozen of our closest friends, and during that celebration we had one working bathroom.  My parents came down and stayed for a couple of days after the wedding, and all 7 of us got to share a shower.  After that, I had had more than enough of sharing.  We finally decided to buckle down and turn this shower back in to a useable shower so the kids - and our guests - would have a fully functioning bathroom.  

Because we live in a mobile home, there's a lot of little things that are a little different than if we lived in a traditionally built home.  I wasn't too sure how the tub handles looked behind the existing faucet so I decided I was going to stick with a product that was specifically marketed for mobile home construction.  This seriously limited my choices, but I ended up really liking the look of this tub and shower faucet from Homewerks.  The price tag didn't hurt, either!  We plan on using this property as a rental once we the mortgage paid off and save enough to build a new home in an area that we're a little more in love with.  Because we don't plan on this being our "forever" home, there are some areas that I'm not willing to spend a ton of money on.  Faucets, handles, and decor are some of the things I don't want to overspend on. (Cabinets and flooring are NOT in that category.)  One of the reasons I really loved this particular faucet was because of the brushed nickel look, and the fact that it had levers for the water control rather than knobs.  The fixture that was previously in there was fake chrome with those ugly acrylic round knobs.  In my opinion, the only thing that could have made it worse would have been if it was 80's brass rather than the chrome!

Because this was an online-only item I had to order it and wait impatiently for it to arrive to my house, but it arrived well-packaged and got here pretty quickly.  We decided to tackle this project on a super rainy day not longer after the Columbia area was hit with some pretty epic flooding.  If I could suggest one thing to do differently than we did, I would suggest NOT tackling a plumbing project during a massive thunder storm.  #justsaying #doasisay #notasido

Are you ready to see the after?  Can you handle the suspense?

We hit a couple of snags while replacing the tub faucet, but we persevered and I'm so thrilled with how it turned out! After scrubbing out the tub with some more bleach, then following up with my favorite homemade shower cleaner and this awesome tub & shower scrubber.  I hate having to scrub tubs and this thing has become one of my favorite cleaning accessories because of it. 

Deputy Dad and I put off tackling this project forever because we both thought it would be really challenging.  Much to our surprise, it was actually really easy to do!  About 90 minutes and some tools (and cleaners) that we had already around the house were the only things we needed to get the project knocked out.  And now, the kids have their own fully functioning bathroom, meaning I have my bathroom back and no longer have to share!

Check back next week for the tutorial on how we changed out the faucet and the shower arm!!

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