Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Plan for 2016

Most people plan for the upcoming year before the previous year ends.  You know, you have goals you want to meet in 2016 so you start planning them around November/December of 2015.  Maybe you procrastinate and start planning in January.

Not me, folks.  I've been feeling so overwhelmed and scattered with this whole home renovation Deputy Dad and I are tackling that I didn't know where to turn.  I'm overflowing with ideas and Pinterest inspirations and hopes and dreams and wants.  Sadly, my bank account is not overflowing with the dollars required to finance these hopes and dreams.  And with three kids here 50% of the time, Deputy Dad working full-time, and me working part-time pushing full-time (32 hours a week!), we don't have the time to have a magical rapid transformation, either.  I've come to terms (mostly) with the fact that this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint.

Holy cow, y'all.  I managed to come up with quite the list.  Do you see this???  If you're like me and have terrible vision, here's the nicely typed out version.

Home Project List, 2016

  • remove half wall between living room and kitchen
  • add closet in living room
  • build/install kitchen island
  • build/install locker system in entryway
  • temporary stairs off of back door
  • kids' bedroom
    • paint
    • build under-bed storage drawers
    • widen closet door opening
    • install more effective closet storage
    • install ceiling trim
    • build bookshelf/toy storage
  • kids' bathroom
    • install lighted fan
    • relocate ceiling light fixture connection to above vanity
      • install vanity light
    • replace vanity
    • replace flooring
    • paint
    • install medicine cabinet
    • install baseboards and ceiling trim

I mean, seriously?! In just over 6 months???  Will all of this happen?  Probably not.  But at least I have an idea of where I want to start.

One of the priorities for the year is to get the modular locker system that was shared at Lady Goats (plans found here from Ana White).  I'm hoping to build 4 of the single locker components, then build a bench and have 2 lockers go on either side of the bench.  I also want a row of hooks to go in-between, with the bridge going over the top.  Basically, I want to store all.the.things!!  The locker system will replace this little photo/artwork gallery, but we will definitely find somewhere else to put it because I love having a way to display the artwork the kiddos draw for us.

Yes, those are my crutches.  I dislocated my kneecap at the end of April and get the pleasure of spending at least a month walking around with those bad boys (I've named them Bert & Ernie) as well as an incredibly stylish knee immobilizer.

One of the other large priorities is to get this stupid wall taken down and replace it with a kitchen island that offers storage and seating.  Right now the kids eat dinner on the living room floor, which doesn't work for several reasons.  I found these plans to build an awesome island over at Cherished Bliss, and I'm working out the materials I would need to add a second column of drawers to both add additional width to be able to seat all 3 kids as well as add more storage to our kitchen.  Right now we have 2 kitchen drawers.  Prior to being a family of 5, I would have thought 3 would be plenty...but when I started making a list of everything I could store in drawers I realized that I would probably be happy with a kitchen that was 50% drawers and 50% cabinets.  This wall is not load bearing (really nothing in a mobile home is!) but it does have electrical running through it so I'm not going to tackle this project until my stepdad comes down to visit.  We're going to have to relocate the thermostat that is on the kitchen side of this wall, and hopefully relocate the outlet that is on the kitchen side of the wall in to the master closet, which is directly behind this wall.

Because this half wall contains our current "storage" system for the littles' backpacks, coats, hats, and other random accessories, I don't want this wall taken down until we get the locker system built.  So the lockers are currently priority #1 for this household!  I'm saving up to get this table saw from Ryobi, and hopefully once I get that bad boy home this project will be a lot easier to tackle!  Although I could just have the lovely folks at my local Big Orange do the rip cuts for me...

*IF* I get those tasks completed, I'd really love to get the kids' bedroom finished.  It's a lot better than it was when we moved in, but I definitely have big plans to finish it all off.  Right now the kids are young enough that all three of them share a room, so there's a lot of stuff crammed in to one tiny space! I'd really love to do something with their dark and not-so-nice bathroom, too.  But I'm working hard to remember that marathons aren't run in a day!

So there you have goals for the rest of 2016.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a good budgeting method figured out so I can turn these big dreams of mine in to a reality!

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