Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Feeling Like a Failure

I was so proud of my blog progress through the month of May!  I feel like I did a good job of posting regularly, and I like the content I posted.  I was excited for the growth my blog was seeing, and I was feeling pretty darn accomplished.  I linked up to some pretty awesome parties and saw some increased traffic from that, and even had my first comment (!!!).  My site even earned over 1.000 page views, which for a fledgling blog is pretty exciting.  

Then, life came at me yet again.  Sickness spread throughout the house.  2 out of 3 kids came down with ear infections and strep throat.  We got them to the doctor and feeling better and sent back to their mom's house just in time for me to come down with whatever joyous virus they had.  Have you ever noticed as an adult, when a kid gets you sick you get it about 37 times worse than the kid that infected you did?  What's with that??  So that tossed me out of commission for about two weeks, but I was okay with that because that took me right about to the end of the blog posts I had already written and scheduled. 

I started to feel better and sat down to write my next set of tutorials, only to discover that sometime over the previous month or so my beloved camera bit the big one.  It had had juice spilled on it ages ago and the zoom was all gummed up, as was the lens cover, but it kept on trucking for quite awhile so I figured we'd be okay.  But all good things must come to an end.  We had just splurged a bit on financing our summer vacation, so I didn't have enough saved for a replacement camera.  Also, I was out of work as of April 23rd from that lovely knee injury, which made finances a little tighter.

Not having a savings account in place for emergencies had always made me nervous.  I realize that a broken camera is nowhere near an emergency, but it easily could have been something else!  So about a month ago, I started hunting for a full-time job.  Deputy Dad's fabulous sister actually got me in with the company she works for, and I officially started my new full-time job on June 6th.  It's a little weird going back to work full-time, but the paycheck sure is nice!  I splurged with the first paycheck I earned and ordered myself a Canon T5.  I used to have a Canon T3i, but sold it in a purging phase.  I immediately regretted it, but since I didn't have a need for another fancy camera right away I held off on re-purchasing one.  I've always had Canon cameras though, and I've always loved them.  

My fancy new camera was delivered just in time for us to hit the road on our family vacation for the summer.  Deputy Dad packed up ourselves, three kids, and three dogs and hit the road.  We took the 900 mile drive from South Carolina to visit my family in Wisconsin, which is where I'm blogging from now.  We left at 7:00 p.m. on a Thursday, and rolled in to my parents' driveway at 11:00 a.m. the following morning.  I have mixed feelings on the driving straight through method that we tried.  Mixed enough that it will NOT be our plan for the way home.

Testing out their air mattresses...

We're here for the week, and we will be leaving Friday morning to head back home.  Baby Girl's birthday is Monday (July 4th) which is also the day they go back to their mom's, so we want to be home Saturday night so we can do something special with her for her birthday.  Deputy Dad and I both go back to work on the Fourth of July, him for a 12 hour shift and me for a 10 hour shift.  Luckily, we both only work Monday and Tuesday then we have Wednesday and Thursday off to get a mini-vacation to relax from our vacation.

We spent most of a day flying kites...doesn't my dad look so cute?!

I'll be back on Friday with my second First Friday Five, then I'm hoping to get a post up with some tips for traveling with kids - and dogs!  After that, I'm hoping Wednesday and Thursday I'll be able to photograph the two tutorials I had planned to get up last month, and also write one or two other posts I've had brewing in this weird little mind of mind so that I can get back on a regular posting schedule.  Then I can get back on a regular link party schedule, and then I can continue to expose the musings in the weird little corners of my mind to all of you unsuspecting and innocent people :)  I kid, I kid.

Anyway, this was a long rambling way of saying I didn't forget about my blog.  It was just a giant cluster of things that happened all at once, most of which were out of my control.  And since we're now on family vacation, my focus has obviously been on soaking up all of the family time I can get with my little cuties.  So thank you so much for your patience and understanding!!

Baby Girl has a fan...my cousin's son can't get enough of her!

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