Saturday, June 4, 2016

First Friday Five: May Edition (A Day Late!)

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Okay, so I'm a day late here.  It's Saturday.  But in all fairness, we focused on having some quality family time this week and blogging totally slipped my mind!

In other news, I got a new job!  I'm officially going back to work full-time.  I'm a little nervous; I haven't done that in over a year!  But in order to get the projects done that we want to do, and to take the vacations and do the fun family things we want to do, I need to be working more than a sporadic part time schedule.  And I do a lot better when I have a routine, so working will be good for me.  I'm not going to lie, I have no problem sitting at home though.  There's always those people that say, "I could never stay at home! I have to have something to do!"  Totally not me.  I'm excellent at sitting at home.  The weeks the kids aren't home, there are days I sit here and work on stuff and enjoy the blissful silence.  It's magical, y'all.

Anyway, on to the favorites!!  Five products from the previous month that I've been absolutely loving!  These can be from any category, any cost, any's like a fun grab bag!


Huggies Clutch N Clean*

I talked about my love for these wipes pouches in my Diaper Bag Organization post, and now that school's out and the weather has warmed up, I'm being reminded how obsessed with them I truly am. We've had temps in the high-80s to the low-90s since school let out a week and a half ago.  This week, the family has been doing those fun early-summer activities that we all like to engage in before the summer doldrums set in.  We went to the airport overlook, the lake, and the park.  Every time we step outside, my clean stepkiddos somehow manage to attract every dirt molecule in a 5 mile radius.  One of these pouches is always in the center console of our car, and even with all the heat they're still moist!  Such a lifesaver, and I prefer the slimmer profile of these to the larger "bags" of wipes.


Squooshi Filling Station*

Along with those long summer days comes the kids who are always home and always hungry!  We try to make sure we always have healthy snack options on hands, and one of the kids' favorites is applesauce.  For awhile we were buying the pre-packaged sauce pouches, but they add up quickly and with the reports of people finding mold in theirs, we decided to start filling our own.  We buy the giant cans of pre-made applesauce from Sam's Club and fill our Squooshi pouches*.  For awhile I was using a tablespoon from our flatware set to fill them, but it was such a pain and made a huge mess!  I ordered this after stumbling on it one day on Zulily, and I can fill all of our pouches in about 1/3 of the time I was previously filling them - with pretty much zero mess.


Cimo Glitz Case*

Deputy Dad and I recently switched phone providers (and saved over $100/month in the process!) but switching providers ended up meaning that we switched phones.  I've been a loyal Apple fan for years but couldn't justify paying the full retail price out of pocket for another iPhone so I switched to the LG G4*.  I hate not having cases on my phone (and I *always* have a ballistic glass screen protector - I'm hard on my electronics!) and for some reason having a sparkly case made me feel a little better about leaving my beloved iPhone 6S Plus behind.  The price was also excellent; this case rang in at a mere $8!


Best Damn Beauty's Best Damn Lip Mask

If you've read previous posts, it should be no surprise to see this on my favorites list.  I wrote an essay counting the ways I love this stuff here.  I've had this stuff for over a month now and the love affair is still going strong!  My lips haven't felt better in ages!


Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts*

My favorite me-time activity is sitting down with a good book, no questions asked.  I definitely have my favorite authors, and Nora Roberts has been at the top of my list for years.  I've read Chasing Fire multiple times, and it never gets old.  I love when mysteries and romance are tied together in a book.  I'm a total cheeseball like that...a good romance movie or novel can get the tears rolling!  I also like how Nora Roberts really researches the subjects of her books.  The fire jumping Zulies in this book are so fascinating.  It's something I would totally love to do...if not for the fact that I'm a chicken and totally out of shape!

So that's it.  Some of the things I loved, relied on, and embraced through the month of May!  I'm on the hunt for new books lately, just because I've read most of the ones I have at least 3 times.  Who are your favorite authors?  Any book recommendations you care to share?


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