Friday, July 1, 2016

First Friday Favorites: June Edition

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Today officially marks the beginning of July, y'all.  This means I'm officially stepmama to a seven year old and a five year old, and as of Monday, I will also be stepmama to a three year old.  I'm not ready for this!  I need time to go ahead and stop moving forward.  This summer is flying by - I'm in shock that we're already halfway through summer vacation!!  School starts back for us in the middle of August, so we've got a lot of summer fun to pack in to the next 6ish weeks!

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Anyway, here's some products I've been loving over the month of June.  I feel like this is a really random assortment of things.  But in my world, it's often the more random the better.  So here we go!

Power Gear 3-Wire Receptacle Tester

First stop on the random train is this receptacle tester.  I've been steadily working my way through our house replacing the old, dirty electrical outlets with shiny new tamper-proof outlets.  I started in the living room, and made it through that room and in to the kids' room before getting hung up on this weird outlet that had three neutral wires, three hot wires, and three ground wires.  I tried to figure it out for about an hour before consulting with a friend who, although is not an electrician, is oddly good with electrical work.  He drew me a diagram, and sent me the link to order this bad boy to make sure everything was configured correctly.  It's nice to be able to stick this in the outlet to confirm that I've got everything hooked up just like it needs to be.  A voltage tester like this one is on the list for before I start working at replacing the outlets again, because I gave myself a good shock replacing that horrible outlet in the kids' room, and given the choice I'd rather not experience that again.

Zella 'Live In' Leggings
One of my favorite bloggers is Chelsea from over at Two Twenty One.  She recommended these leggings in a Favorite Things post.  I saw them and clicked over, and immediately scoffed at the price.  $52 for a pair of leggings, when I can get some from Kohl's for half the price? No, thank you!  But I kept seeing bloggers recommend them, so they got stuck in my head.  During the Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale, they were almost 50% off so I figured I'd give them a shot.  Ohmigosh, y'all.  They are smooth like BUTTAH.  Like BUTTAH I tell ya!!! I wear mine at least once a week and have not experienced any pilling, and they are well over six months old at this point.  Now that we're in the dog days of summer, I'm prepping to pull the trigger on a couple of pairs of the capri versions.  I'm loving these and these.  I also may have to try out this top.  How cute is that cut out back?!

Tamarac Fluff Slippers

We are big "no shoes in the house" people.  But with our very grass-sparse front yard and all-laminate interiors, our floors are constantly getting gritty.  No one wants to walk around barefoot in that.  I used to have this cheap pair of slippers from Target I would wear around the house.  I tossed them in the wash a few times, and the soles got super lumpy and bumpy and and they were so uncomfortable to wear.  I just dealt with it, because there were always other things I wanted to spend my money on.  One day, Deputy Dad couldn't find his slippers so he stuck mine on to walk around and look for his.  He immediately told me I needed to order new slippers because he couldn't understand how I could wear such uncomfortable things around the house.   Buying new slippers is kind of like buying new shoes, so I wasn't going to argue! I wanted fuzzy ones because my feet are always cold, and I wanted ones with hard soles so I could wear them to run out to the mailbox or step outside to corral dogs during the day.  These from Amazon fit the bill perfectly!  The price changes on Amazon a lot, so keep an eye out.  You can score a really good deal on them.  If you're a half size, I would recommend sizing down.  I'm generally an 8, but I order a lot of my shoes in an 8.5 because I hate breaking my shoes in.  I ordered an 8 in these, and with some wear the "fur" got matted down and my foot is fairly loose in there.  I prefer a more loose-fitting slipper, so that's perfect for me.     

Kate Spade Hazy Floral iPad Case

I have a ton of different technology in my house, but everything is used for a different reason.  My iPad is used at bedtime for my nightly Feedly reading and my YouTube video addiction.  I also sporadically use it during the week when I need my HGTV fix since we don't have cable at our home.   Since I mostly use it for video watching, I prefer to have a case that allows me to prop up my iPad to a nice viewing angle.  I used to use this case in the Air 2 size, but my iPad always slipped out of the little slots in the cover when I was trying to watch it.  I ordered the Kate Spade cover from Macy's when they had it on clearance because I loved the easel back that it had.  It's a lot more stable than the little slots, but it still allows me to adjust the viewing angle.  I can't find the exact one I have for sale anymore, but this one is also pretty cute.  

Canon Rebel T5

I've only had this for a short time, but I've got a serious case of the heart-eyes already.  As I mentioned in my last post, I previously had a T3, and the T5 isn't that much different.  Because of this, I feel pretty confident in calling this a favorite.  I got the bundle with the 18-55mm and the 75-300mm lenses.  Those are nice starter lenses, but they definitely aren't my favorite.  Luckily, I had my all-time favorite lenses still stashed away from when I owned by T3 so I was able to switch back to using those right away.  I know a lot of photography is really more about the photographer than the camera but having the right equipment really does make capturing some of those amazing images so much better.  Since getting our camera, we've had three pool/beach days, and some of the detail photos I've been able to capture - like the splashes Baby Girl likes to make running into the lake - are so much better than what I could have gotten on my old point and shoot, or worse, my phone camera.  I just caught some pictures today of the sparkler we lit on J's belated birthday cake and they turned out gorgeous.  I'm so happy I waited a couple of extra weeks to get my first paycheck to get the camera I really wanted.  As far as I'm concerned though, you can never really go wrong with a Canon!

So there we have it.  Five products I've been using and loving for the month of June!!  Does anyone have any opinions for products I need to try out for July??


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