Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Easy Breezy Toddler Girl Outfits for Summer

How is it June already? Summer is probably my least favorite season. I moved from Wisconsin to get away from the punishing cold of the Midwest, but South Carolina summers are no joke. You know that annoying saying, "it's not the heat, it's the humidity?" Every time someone says that, I kind of want to shoot a Nerf gun at them. But down here, it's so true. Back in Wisconsin we were by the lake, so even when it got to the high 80's we had the lake effect breezes and a fairly low humidity. Here in South Carolina, you walk outside in to high 90's, and the solid wall of humidity makes you want to spin around and step right back in the shower. However, the mild winters still make me oh-so-grateful to call this southern state home.

All three kids needed some new summer clothes, so with the holiday pay that Deputy Dad and I got for Easter, I hit up Kohl's. I always prefer to shop Kohl's online because I find that I get a better selection, and then I get to take advantage of eBates. I feel like the Kohl's stores back in Wisconsin have a better selection than the stores here do, but online I get to shop the full selection anyway. Plus, I see all of these other people doing fun hauls and the only shopping I do is for the kids - so a kid clothing haul it is!

The two boys are easy to shop for. Easy can also translate to boring, though! They don't like anything overly patterned and they are fans of only a few characters. They'll basically live in athletic shorts and basic tees. I stocked up on these shorts in each color and a bunch of these tees. Dry fit material is their favorite, so I figured I couldn't go wrong. Sure enough, they loved all of their new clothes. I also picked up a few Pokemon shirts for each of them and that move alone basically won me stepmom of the year. 

My true shopping joy comes in shopping for Baby Girl. She's still young enough that she basically allows me to pick what she wears, and she still loves everything I picked. I'm a huge fan of the Jumping Beans line from Kohl's. Their matchables are so cute, and so easy to wear.   

Striped Lace Pocked Tank :: Lace Front Shorts
How cute is this striped tank? I'm a huge fan of grey, so I had to get the option with the grey lace pocket and the matching grey lace front shorts. The aqua stripes are the perfect fun pop of color!

Lace Panel Tank :: Space Dyed Shorts
This tank is a very light gauzy material and fits like a tunic - perfect for those gross, hot, humid, sticky days. The shorts have aura, purple, pink, and gold glitter hearts and triangles printed on them which is perfect for my sparkle-loving girl! I wish they made grown up clothes in material as soft as these shorts. They're amazing.

Braided Cross Back Tee : Tiered Skort
If you ask Baby Girl what her favorite colors are, she's going to tell you pink and purple. So even though I strongly dislike (read: am terrified of) fish, I had to get her this outfit. The cute little cross back detail is my favorite part. I love that it's a skort instead of a skirt, since that means Baby Girl can still run and play and enjoy herself, without having to worry about being a lady. 

Flutter Tank :: Space-Dyed Shorts
Did you know that the pineapple is a sign of hospitality? True story! And this aqua pineapple on these black and white stripes stole my heart. Baby Girl gravitated towards this outfit as one of her favorites. That being said, by the time she was done picking out all of her "favorites", she had picked out pretty much all of these outfits so who really knows? These shorts are the same ones as the p=heart-printed ones with the purple tunic, just in an aqua that perfectly matches that sweet pineapple.

Glitter Bow Tank (out of stock) :: Bike Shorts
This is another one of my favorite outfits that I ordered. (Who am I kidding? I picked all of them out - I love them all!) The hearts are puffy and glittery, and the little bow up on the left shoulder is adorable. Unfortunately, it looks like this top is no longer available. They go with a simple pair of bike shorts, which is basically all Baby Girl wore last summer. She loves them!

Print Flutter Sleeve Tank :: Slubbed Cuff Shorts
This is my absolute favorite outfit that I ordered. I don't know why! I just think it's adorable. Baby Girl has this gorgeous almost waist-length bright blond hair, and yellow is just a great color on her. I think the lemons are adorable, and the flutter sleeves are adorable, and I love the gray stripes, and I just think the entire outfit is so cute. It's so sunny and cheery and it makes me smile.

My mom got this for Baby Girl, so I don't know where she got it from, but I just had to share it for my other 80's babies out there. Doesn't it make you think of Lisa Frank?! I loved Lisa Frank back in the day. I remember having Lisa Frank school supplies and coloring books and just loving all of it! 

I basically live in plain black leggings (capris in the summer, long in the winter) and tees (short-sleeved in the summer, long-sleeved in the winter) so this shopping binge was so much fun! have you gotten any new clothes - for yourself or your kids - lately? Do you have a Kohl's near you? What do you think of it? What is your favorite department store??


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